Cruising with celebrities may be gaining in popularity. You may have seen ads on TV saying in essence that your favorite celebrity will be on a certain cruise and asking fans of the celebrity to take the cruise too. But one question you might want to ask is …

Is cruising with a celebrity worth the money?

Now, this is not to be confused with ‘Celebrity Cruise Lines’ which is a popular cruise line. Celebrity cruises are cruise vacations that a number of cruise lines offer and they all feature a celebrity who will be on the cruise. Popular movie stars, TV stars, and musicians may be paid by a cruise line to be on a particular cruise with the intention that fans of the celebrity will be attracted to the cruise.

Now, taking a cruise vacation with your favorite celebrity might be a great thing to do, but you may want to ask some questions about whether it will be really worth your money since celebrity cruises actually might cost more than normal cruises. Here are a few such questions that might help you make a better choice …

1. Why is the celebrity taking the cruise? While a celebrity might be paid to be on the cruise, some also take a cruise to promote their upcoming movies, shows or music albums. If so, then you might get to see some behind the scenes footage and the like. While this is not guaranteed, it might be a possibility. If that excites you, then you may count that as a reason to take the cruise … or not.

Many celebrities also promote their favorite charities on a cruise and if you are interested in the charity as well, then there might be another reason. That would be an opportunity for you to make a positive difference in the lives of people as well as get to meet your celebrity.

2. How Long will the celebrity be on board? Some celebrities may be on board for a couple of days or less partly due to their busy schedules. You might want to consider the length of time the celebrity will be on board the cruise to determine if the cruise will really be worth the money.

3. What promotional events are scheduled? Promotional events on a celebrity cruise may be established well ahead of time and you may want to know what they will be. Will you be able to dine with, get an autograph or meet the celebrity?

4. How many will fellow passengers be on the ship? If there will be thousands of passengers, then you might not be able to get to meet the celebrity or get very hard any time to interact with the celebrity. If so, would you still be willing to take the cruise?

5. What will the cruise cost? Since celebrity cruises may cost quite a bit more than traditional cruises, you may want to take a close look at the difference in costs between a celebrity cruise and other cruises. After getting to know the difference in cost, would you still be willing to take the cruise?

Celebrity cruises may be great as you may be able to meet your favorite star and maybe even make a positive difference in some person’s life. But if all you are looking to have on vacation is some pure, unadulterated fun, then you can do that even on a more traditional cruise.

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