Editor in chief of news channel Times Now Arnab Goswami interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday and obviously became the topic of discussion. The hashtag #PMSpeaksToArnab trended on the micro blogging website Twitter for hours, but it was not all pats on his back. The journalist, who is known for his bombastic voice, received brickbats for not being himself.

Many on social media, including eminent journalists and politicians, slammed Arnab for shedding his armoury and sticking to a mellow voice during his conversation with Mr. Modi. Few on social media suggested that Arnab might have been intimidated by the PM and thought that it was an edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ rather than ‘Frankly Speaking With Arnab Goswami’

But, Arnab has an answer to all his critics. The one who interviews many was interviewed by Saurabh of News mobile and Arnab was asked why he was not so aggressive with the PM. To this, Arnab said, “You see Saurabh, if there is a group that has nothing to do but discuss my interview day in and day out, without any fail, then I am only flattered. It only proves how keenly they watch Newshour. I can only say that I am grateful for their loyal and enthusiastic viewership.”

Now, that is classic Arnab, giving sarcastic replies to his haters.

During the interview, Arnab also explained what the news point was in his conversation with PM Modi. “On domestic issues he took some serious questions on rise in prices, Raghuram Rajan and Subramaniam Swamy.”

“I am actually disappointed that my very loyal group of viewers who discuss me and my stories, have missed these news points because I think there was a massive snub to Subramaniam Swamy when he (PM Modi) said that no one should consider them above the system. I think he spoke on black money in detail,” Arnab added.

Goswami also had something to say on garnering censure from Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Congress. “As far as question on Kejriwal is concrend, I am glad that he is also a loyal viewer,” said Arnab.