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Alkaline Diet

An acid and alkaline food list is meant for the purpose of informing you about dieting. Dieting is a very common occurrence among society in this day and age. While some choose to eat the way they prefer and accept whatever consequences that may happen to their bodies, a number of people are doing whatever they can to live a healthier life. One of the most popular diets to date is the alkaline diet. This diet is composed of alkaline-forming foods that are processed in your body. The alkaline diet is most useful at neutralizing all of the acidic foods that you eat.

Problems involving Acidic Foods

It is a good idea to maintain a 60/40 alkaline to acidic food ratio. With this ratio, the alkaline forming foods are able to neutralize the acidic foods that are digested. With an overly acidic diet, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients will be reduced. Along with that, there will be less cell creation, slower repairing of damaged cells, increased tumor cell activity, and much lower body energy and increased illness. Acidic diets are extremely common, especially in America, because of the temptations that are presented every day. Fast food restaurants, Bars serving alcohol, and stores serving numerous amounts of junk food are all responsible.

List of Alkaline and Acidic Foods

Most alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables. Some of the vegetables include Beets, Carrots, Cabbage, Peas, or anything green. Some of the common fruits are Bananas, Apples, Raisins, and the highest rated alkaline food, watermelon. Common acidic foods include bread, turkey, and most other meat-based products. A lot of acidic foods are agents that are used to make food taste better like butter or jelly. Naturally, beer and many drugs like tobacco are in abundance with acid-forming pollutants. This is the beginning of the acid and alkaline food list, as just about every product consumable falls into one of the two categories.

Balancing Alkaline and Acidic Food

This is not to say that all acidic products are bad. A lot of very healthy food is part of the acidic group, like bread and cereal. This is why it is so important to form a balance of alkaline and acidic foods. The 60-40 ratio is a perfect balance, as stated before. A good method to use to try to balance them is to devote portions of each meal to the alkaline or acidic group. Like when having breakfast, you can have bread or cereal, but include orange juice or some type of fruit with it to help maintain the balance. Everyone knows how hard it is to eat vegetables, so if it’s more comfortable to eat your favorite fruits, then no one is blaming you.


A balanced diet is a key to living a happy and healthy life. The Acid and Alkaline Food List is meant to help inform you of the types of food that are meant to help improve the balance of your diet and let you live a healthy and energetic life.

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