Records are meant to be broken and sadly one set by a Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru has been smashed by a French Jet Ski Champion. Franky Zapata, has set the record for farthest hoverboard flight on Saturday.

The 37 year old professional flew a distance of 2,252 metres aboard the Flyboard Air, reaching as high as 50 metres above the ocean off the coast of Sausset-le-Pins in southern France. The Guinness world Records confirmed of Zapata’s accomplishment. The Flyboard Air was developed by Zapata’s company Zapata Racing.

A few weeks ago, Zapata uploaded a video of him testing the amazing hoverboard. It was suggested that the hoverboard could propel its riders up to a height of 10,000 feet in the air.

As expected the video went viral almost immediately leaving viewers awestruck. Many did not believe what they saw and they also doubted the truth behind the hoverboard.

But, by setting a new record with Flyboard Air, Zapata has shut all his critics. He said that it was his life dream and the company was looking to make such a flight for the last five years.

“But nobody believed it was possible — not even me,” he said in Zapata Racing’s official video of the feat. “It’s just one of the best moments of my life.”

All we can say is, we are stunned. Congratulations Zapata!