The secret is simple, to start by being grateful. It really is the one key to leading a life full of happiness. In fact, living with gratitude will help you change even the lowest dips of life into something beautiful.

Let’s face it, living a grateful life seems simple enough, right? Just start by being thankful for the things you have. But there is a problem, most of us are more prone to see all of the stuff that we do not have. And because of all of the stuff, there is to “not have” in life, it can quickly overwhelm any gratitude that you do have.

Here are ten things to help you remember just what you “DO” have and can be thankful for.

1. Friends, family, and people who care.

2. You are alive!

3. The money you DO have. Sure you may have to live on a budget which stinks at times, but is better than many areas of the world who live on $ 1 per day.

4. You probably will not die of the H1N1 flu. Society has advanced hygienically by leaps and bounds in the last 100 years (despite those people who still leave the restroom without washing their hands).

5. Electricity. How could we live without it?

6. The internet. Even if # 1 is not true for you, the internet connects you to the world. And in that world, there are people just like you who are waiting to get to know you.

7. Cellular phones. Half of the time they are horrible, the other half I wonder how people ever lived without them.

That’s it, seven things you can start being grateful for right now. This is a pretty lame list (on purpose), but there are hundreds, maybe thousands more things that are full of meaning and truth in your life.

Why do not you take a minute and come up with your own list of seven things YOU can be grateful for?

Featured Image: Know Cancer
Source by Chad W