When I was a child, the thing that I hunted most is the genie’s magical lamp. When I grow up I come to know that there is no such thing. Like you, I also want to become wealthier and successful. I realized Bill Gates or Warren Buffet has not possessed that lamp either yet they are wealthier and successful.

How do they do that? Nobody wealthier and successful ever had that lamp, what they have is that they dreamed rich, have high hopes, great sacrifices set real-life goals and untiring efforts in the direction of that goal.

I will never forget Bill’s famous line “If you’re born poor, it is your fate But if you die poor it is your fault.”

I was always keen to know and learn the habits, interests and attitude of these successful people but I always felt I missed something.

Then I met my teacher turned friend and a millionaire of course.

I asked Pat to share with me his secrets of doing so. He shared little but whatever we had on that day, let me share with you as well.

He told me that Bill Gates or Warren Buffet also has 24 hours/day, same like we do.

Bill has given the world revolutionary windows, what you have given so far? Busy 8 hours job daily at any fast food chain, completing the complex computational task assigned by your team lead or doing data entry job. One might be successful in his domain but may not be rich.

Most of us have the same level of efforts, job hours yet we are not that wealthy and successful.

To have something extraordinary one must do something extraordinary. Great Reward demands great sacrifices. Apple’s Steve Job and Steve Wozniak used to work in their garage and they have sold their cars as well.

He listed 6 key points below in form Q & A session himself.

1. Think positive and be optimistic, bringing something even out of darkness.

2. Plan and select your goal, ie to become wealthy and successful.

3. Identify your hidden potential; ask yourself what you can do best and passion up for doing that. Believe in yourself and forgive yourself for the past.

4. How much quality time can you give and how long can you maintain the same time and quality of time given?

5. Research and identify the current trends and predict the future demand, in fact, you might have to create one.

6. What others are offering and how can you be different? How many can be useful for your product, services, inventions etc Broaden your scope and thought? Why one should come to you, do you have high customer values then McDonald’s, innovation like Nokia, imaginative like Mac, affordable like Coke, ask stuff like that when the answer comes YES, what do you think about results now?

It is all about how we think and believe. You must have heard a story of two shoe salesmen sent to Africa.

One sent a message that does not send any stock, people do not wear shoes, the other asked to send huge stock as people do not have shoes to wear on.

Remember, Changes never happen overnight but it is true they do happen. One thing more, life is for once so why not to take one Big step then small ones anyhow we have to take.

In a nutshell, Think BIG, that’s the half of the secret he shared and leave rest for a quest!

Featured Image: Medium
Source by Asif Fayyaz