I’m sure by now you’ve heard about ‘The Secret’ DVD? You’ve probably also learned that in order to have all the things you want from life, you need to be able to visualize them in great detail? And I expect you know about using a Vision Board in order to manifest the things you want?

What you may not know is how to actually CREATE the Vision Board – and you may not realize that, depending on your situation and preference, you would rather create a Vision Box, a Vision Book, a Vision Video or a Vision Slide Show.

So how do you go about creating these? Well – the first part (the gathering) is pretty much the same which method you choose.

Select your images:

Start by searching the internet (you can use Google) and printing off images that represent whatever it is you’d like to have. Also, start looking in magazines and leaflets and cut out images you find there. Just flick through, as you would with a catalogue, selecting things that take your eye.

If you want a new relationship, find something that represents that for you – maybe a picture of a happy couple together, our hearts entwined; if you want a new house, try to identify a picture of your dream house in the kind of setting you’d like; if you’re looking for good health it might be energetic and fit-looking people.

Whatever it is that conveys the message to you is okay. Every time you see something and think, “Oh yes! I’d like one of those” – save it! Include in your search any words – especially if written BOLD – that describe something you want or that captures your emotions.

Just gather them in one place and do not be too concerned at this stage about whether they’re the right choices or things you REALLY want.

Next, sit down and write a shopping list of the things you want. The reason for doing this after you’ve been through the first search is that if you look only for the things you’ve thought about, you may miss things that did not immediately come to mind at the time. It’s like going to a supermarket with a shopping list and making a beeline for those shelves. In doing that you miss out on all the other interesting, desirable things on the other shelves you missed looking at!
Now you want to cross-check to ensure you’ve included all your major desires and if you’ve not selected images for things that appear on your shopping list, go back and do that.

When you’re doing this do not forget – it’s not just material things – the house, the car etc. it’s about things such as health and happiness, great relationships and so on; AND – it’s about who you want to BE and what you want to DO – not just in your own life but what you want to do for others too! Remember that giving is an important factor in what you get! Having said that, do not just think you can give in order to get, it has to be unconventional!

When you’ve completed this exercise, sift through the images and place them into different piles depending on their category -you need to be sure you’ve covered all the areas of your life – eg Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality etc.

Now you’re going to start being a bit selective so choose your favourites – ones that really represent your desires. If I go into a sweet shop and I’m presented with shelves full of lovely sweets I’m pretty, at that moment in time, to want almost all of them. But are the things I really want? Again, if one area of your life is not represented by your images, go back and do another search.

Vision Board:

To start creating your board you now may want to find a photo of yourself and paste it centrally on your board. This is to remind you that these are things that you desire. Alternately, you may wish to find a number of photographs and place them randomly throughout the board so that you are integral to all of the things on your Vision Board – it’s up to you!

Finally, all that’s left to do is to paste the remainder of your pictures on the board, in any way you choose.

Place your Board where you can see it regularly during the day and do not just take a cursory look – take time to really look at all of the images frequently during the day. Surely make sure it’s one of the first things you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night. When you look at the images on your Board it’s important that you imagine that these things are already yours! Really feel, smell, experience, touch, etc. as though you already have them.

Why a Vision Box or Vision Book?
A Vision Board is very public since you need to have it somewhere you can easily see it. As it’s likely to be quite large it will be a promin feature wherever you place it. However, I understand that you may not want to have everyone know what your desires are, especially if those who will see it are less than supportive.

You may also want to have something that’s a bit more portable so that if you’re away from home or want to go out walking and sit somewhere quietly – in fact, any time you will not have access to your Vision Board – you are still capable to visualize what you want.

For this reason, you may wish to have either a Box or a Book for the same purpose.

For the Vision Box:

Use the same selection process but instead of sticking onto your Vision Board just place your images in a box, in any order you choose. Then you can put the box away somewhere safe, or pick it up and take it with you when you leave home. But … you must ensure that you take it out to look at it numerous times during the day, so this will take just that little bit more discipline than using the Board.

Just find a few quiet, private moments to go through it, again, imagining and feeling that these things are already yours.

For Your Vision Book:

You can stick your pictures, writings etc. onto sheets of paper – one or a number on each sheet, depending on the size. Then you can just staple the pages together. You may choose to keep categories together or randomised.

Alternately, you can do what I do and buy a booklet consisting of plastic inserts into which you can slide your sheets of A4 paper.

If you prefer you can buy a blank notebook and just write your descriptions of the things you want.

For Your Vision Video:

I could go through the process but I think it’s much easier in this instance to SHOW you. Therefore, I’m referring you to http://youtube.com/ Go do a search for ‘Vision Videos’, ‘Visualization’, ‘Vision Boards’ and similar and you will see some fantastic examples of how people have chosen to construct these.

If you’re running Windows you can use Microsoft Movie Maker to create your own movie, featuring your Vision Board.

I’ve also seen software for creating your own Vision Video so just do a search on Google

For Your Vision Slide Show:

You could use a service such as flickr.com, slide.com, or photobucket.com. You would need to upload your pictures and create an online slideshow with them.
You can also create it in Microsoft Publisher and save it as a picture.

That’s it! I hope you have fun, excitement and success in creating which of the tools you find appropriate for your lifestyle.

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Featured Image: Medium
Source by Maddy Webster