New Delhi: While the plight of women forced to prostitution is a major concern for society, a particular community on the outskirts of Delhi narrates a different story.

In Dharampur, husbands support their wives who earn money through this profession. As shocking as it may sound, men of the Prerna community are completely fine with their wives sleeping with other men to earn money.

In this community, women are the principal wage earners of the family. They are made to believe at a very young age that prostitution is what they have to do, after marriage. Even if they want to resist, they barely can because of the thought which was seeded in their minds at a fragile age.

In fact, their husbands are fully ‘supportive’ of their wives’ profession. Few women of this community leave their homes deep in the night at 2 am. Making sure, they don’t run into trouble with police, these women try to cater to at least five customers per night. Landing in a problem with the cops would mean losing the money they earned.

They then go back home around 6 am in the morning , cook meals for their family and children and get a few hours of sleep, before carrying on the whole cycle all over again.

Girls in this community are wed at a young age, sometimes even at 17. Most of the girls have well accepted the fact that this is their fate and it happens to everyone.

However, in this dimly lit place, there is a ray of hope. Women, now want their daughters to get proper education, so that they are not deprived of a normal life. Few of these sex workers are sending their daughters to study in schools provided by non-profit advocacy organizations.

All, these women want is that their daughters don’t see the dark days they saw.