Knowing how to pick a parrot play gym is not always easy because they come in different styles and sizes, along with being constructed from different materials.

The first thing to try to understand is why a parrot play stand or gym is actually necessary. Parrots are extremely intelligent birds, and just like any other intelligent creature; they can easily get bored if they do not have interesting things to do which are going to stimulate their brains.

Once boredom sets into your parrot, cockatiel or macaw, you can be faced with real problems which can be very difficult to rectify.

If a parrot does not have plenty to keep it occupied, it can become distracted, and this can lead to behavioral problems like constant squawking, biting, and pulling out its feathers. Once an exotic bird finds itself in this position it can take a lot of time and care to bring it back to normality.

Parrot cages on their own are not enough to keep a parrot content and healthy. A parrot needs to be released from its cage for a few hours a day so it can stretch its wings and explore. While it is out of its cage it needs stimulation, and this can be done through the use of a parrot play gym.

A good bird play gym has to have a number of bird toys, and bird perches which are set on different levels. This allows your pet to view everything from different heights, just as it would do in the wild.

Also, the parrot play stand has to be the right size to suit your pet. Anything too small will be awkward for the bird to use. The play gym also needs to be constructed solidly from materials which are not going to break or chip too easily.

If your pet parrot spends a lot of time in its playpen, it will probably receive some damage from the parrot pecking at the perch and bird toys, so make sure that you buy a parrot play gym which is of a good quality.

A parrot enjoys being out of its cage as it makes it feel part of the family who is also not in a cage. A parrot is not stupid, if it sees itself locked in a cage all the time while everyone else is on the outside, it will not feel part of the flock and will soon start to get lonely and depressed. This will be the last thing you will want for your pet.

Parrots live for a long time and the sooner that you can make it feel like a valued member of the family, the better the long-term relationship you will have with it.

Even while your bird is in the parrot cage, you must ensure that it has plenty that is going to occupy it. This means small bells hanging up, wooden perches of different sizes, and parrot toys for it to play with. This will ensure that your parrot stays happy, and a happy parrot is a healthy parrot.

There are plenty of bird pet supplies out where you can purchase a parrot play gym, so make sure that you check out a few different models of parrot play gyms before deciding on which one to buy.

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Source by Gerardo Cohen