Holi is an ancient and popular Hindu festival celebrated in all over India. it’s a spring festival and also referred to as the festival of colors.

The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima that occurs around the month of March. it’s the second most generally celebrated festival of India after Diwali.

According to one belief, the festival celebrates the killing Holika, the sister of Hrinyakashyapu.The festival also holds significance with respect to the end of winter season and therefore the onset of the summer season. The best places to celebrate Holi 2018 in India very rely on what quite expertise you wish to own. you will find activities happening most over India.

See those places with totally different Holi festival celebrations, attractiveness to you the foremost.

Here are the most famous & fun places in India to look at or play the celebrated Holi 2018 festival.


1.Mathura & Vrindavan

The Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan is very famous in all over India. It attracts tourists and pilgrims from everywhere the globe.


 Mathura is that the birth-place of Lord avatar and Vrindavan is that the place wherever he spent his childhood. On Holi, the most effective place to catch the throwing of colors in Mathura is Dwarkadheesh Temple.

2.Barsana(Uttar Pradesh)

Barsana is legendary for lath mar Holi. the main celebrations at Barsana, occur at the Ladliji temple, dedicated to Sri Radha Rani.

The two-day celebrations of lath mar Holi are a unique experience. In the First day men from Krishna’s village, Nandgaon travels to Barsana to tease the ladies there. the ladies chase men and hit them with sticks, thus the name Lathmar Holi.

Men are allowed to guard themselves with shields. this event is not suggested for solo female travelers attributable to the yucky behavior of men, who continue to go around molesting ladies.

The second-day ladies from Barsana head to Nandgaon to play Holi with men of Nandgaon.


3.Hampi: Holi in South India

If you are looking for an exuberant Holi, south India is mostly best avoided. As Holi is primarily a north Indian festival, it’s quite subdued at the most places in the south. the main focus is especially on spiritual aspects and temple rites.


However, Hampi in Karnataka may be a notable exception! the total city seems to play Holi within the morning (perhaps for the good thing about the numerous western travelers there), amid percussion, dancing, and therefore the remindful ruins of the grand Vijayanagar empire. Afterward, the group slowly moves to the stream to scrub all the color off.


4.Anandpur Sahib, Punjab: warrior Holi

Sikhs celebrate Holi (called as Hola Mohalla) in their own vogue at Anandpur European, Punjab. Hola Mohalla is an annual truthful celebrated on a daily basis when the Hindu festival of Holi. it absolutely was initially organized by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh to celebrate Holi.


On this three-day grand Festival, wrestling, martial arts, mock arm fights, active military exercises, and turban fastening. mock battles, exhibitions, the show of weapons, etc., ar control followed by kirtan, music and poetry competitions.

The participants perform daring feats, like Gatka (mock encounters with real weapons), tent pegging, bareback horse-riding, standing erect on 2 rushing horses and varied other feats of bravery.


5.Jaipur and Udaipur: Holi and Elephants

Holi is one in all the main festivals celebrated in Rajasthan with the nice patron from royal families of Rajasthan. The celebrations stretch for 2 days. the First day of Holika Dahan is observed at the town Palace in Udaipur, among the foremost common traveler Places in Rajasthan.


The customs of lighting the Holika Dahan is historically performed by the present guardian of the Mewar family line.

An elephant competition kicks off the celebrations in Jaipur. per annum, the Holi competition begins with a huge parade as well as intricately adorned elephants, camels, horses, and folk dance through the streets.

The homeowners of those animals take vital pride in however they dress up the elephants or camels. it’s typically a friendly competition amongst neighbors to examine who will produce the foremost lavishly adorned animal. There are elephant polo, elephant races and the tug-of-war between elephants.

It makes Holi additional fun! Note: this event hasn’t been controlled since 2012 attributable to pressure from animal rights teams. If you are doing wish to attend an area Holi festival celebration in Jaipur with elephants, attempt Elehol.


The festival of Holi is termed Shigmostav in Goa. Festivities begin with prayers to the village gods and goddesses. it’s the largest festival for Hindus and is spread over a period of time.


Most of the festivities are mainly targeted in Panjim, Vasco, and Margao. the most state Beaches conjointly turn colorful on the day of Holi with a sizable amount of locals & tourists gathering on the shores to play with colors.



Holi with Slum kidsHoli may be a major festival in Mumbai and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. There are Holi parties organized within the town.

The celebrations embrace hanging a pot choked with buttermilk and men clamber on top of one another and check out to achieve the pot.

One that succeeds in breaking the pot is known as Holi King of that year. Doing such things revives acts of Krishna.

Physically challenged people also actively participate in this festival. Even Bollywood celebrities play with color throughout this competition. On this occasion, people in Mumbai send sweets, gift articles to every other.


Holi tends to be a rowdy affair in Delhi. If you are staying anyplace close to Paharganj, be ready to be covered in color by shopkeepers and kids alike if you step outside. If you can, try to get tickets to the Holi Moo festival (previously the celebrated Holi Cow Festival).


This competition of color, moozik and madness has over forty Indian and international performers spread over four stages. The setting is safe, and non-toxic colors are provided, alongside bhang lassi, street food, and sprinklers to urge everybody within the mood.

We Wish You Happy & Safe Holi 2018