There are several methods of brewing beer. The way it is brewed will affect taste and consistency. When you brew beer at home it is fun to try these different methods and create your own unique homebrew to share with special friends. Your beer can become the talk of the town or even be sold on a commercial basis.

The first and easiest way is to use a kit for brewing. This has all the basic ingredients and will not take too long to make your brew. It can usually be done in about 90 minutes.

Another easy way is the extract method. This is another common way that is used by home brewers. This method will enable you to experiment with different consistencies. This is malt syrup and will allow you to change the flavour and colour of your beer. This will make a good light beer or lager.

For a darker more robust brew the Mini-Mash method can be used. It uses different malts to make a variety of different flavours. It will make a dark strong brew. For this method, you will need to boil pale malt with a specialized one at about 150 degrees for 45 minutes. This method is definitely for the experimenter and those who want to make brewing a true adventure. It takes about 3 hours to get your brew and will yield around 6 cases of beer.

Full Mash Brew: This is the ultimate in home brewing and allows you to make a unique tasting beer that is absolutely individual and one of a kind. Now it will take you about 6 hours but the rewards are great when you sit with your friends and they compliment you on your unique brew.

So enjoy having fun and experimenting, by using these different brewing methods. When you first begin you will be wise to start with a kit for your home brewing, as this is the quickest and easiest way. After that, you can gradually graduate up to the Full Mash brew and enjoy a beer that is exciting to make and taste.

Featured Image: Denver Microbrew Tour

Source by Graham Williams