The craze for taking selfies has spread like a rage and it has not only gripped the younger generation but the elders too. However, the latest news regarding this rage is certainly not a good one for photograph lovers. Now, clicking a selfie can land you in jail.

Citing the unfortunate death of three youngsters and an elderly man nearby a railway track while clicking a selfie, all the station officers of GRP division in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra have been ordered to book individuals who are caught in such an act.

The order applies to the persons who are found taking selfie near a train, in moving train near the doors or on railway tracks.

While talking to leading online portal, Raj Kumar Gautam, deputy superintendent of police for GRP Agra division, said,” From now on, if anyone is founding taking selfie close to high speed train or railway track, than the act of him/her will be treated as attempt to suicide and he/she will definitely be booked and may even be jailed for endangering their lives and others.”

Recalling the unfortunate incidents in wake of this craze, he said, “On April 15, three boys and one man were killed in Mirzapur and Saharanpur districts. In Mirzapur two friends (18 & 20) who had come for local fair were taking selfie close to railway track when high speed New Delhi-Dibrugarh (Brahmaputra mail) mowed down the duo. From the same train, a 45-year-old passenger who was watching the duo taking selfie fell under the wheels of train and was killed instantly. In Saharanpur a class X student was mowed down by train while taking selfie near unmanned railway crossing.”

Many youngsters, in an attempt to pull of a feat of clicking an adventurous photograph, end up harming themselves in worst of ways.