Reading is therapeutic. When you pick a book to read, it relaxes your mind and enhances your knowledge. And if you happen to be a book lover, after finishing a book, you feel a plethora of emotions related to the author, story and characters from the book. But have you ever cried your heart out because the story ended and you can’t take it? But this cute fella sure feels the pain. Though he is too young to understand the characters, storyline et all, but he sure enjoys a good story. Meet the cutest bookworm baby who cries (adorably) every single time his mom or dad finish reading a book to him and put it away.

He just cannot handle it. He doesn’t want the story to end or the reading session to get over so soon. He starts crying and begins looking out for more books to be read out to him. This bookworm baby’s tantrums are just too cute!

And when another book is picked up, ready to be read out to him, he is calm and attentive, like an eager student waiting to know a great story.

Here is the video that proves this bookworm baby can give us deep reading goals!

Video Courtesy: leesedanielle

Having watched this video, we feel this baby could be the best person to spread the joy of reading!