Be it kids, adults or our parents, everyone has used a ballpoint pen once in their lives. If you have looked at a ballpoint pen carefully, you must have observed that there is a hole at the top end of the cap.

However, a lot of you may not know that they are there for a very strong reason.


It’s history dates back to year 1991 when French company BIC introduced a new design solution for its bestselling Cristal Pen to include a small hole on the top of their caps. The change went largely unnoticed by majority of people.

Apparently, people didn’t realise that this revolutionary innovation will end up saving lives of many children every year.


Most kids have a habit of putting everything in their mouth, easily causing them to choke. However, the hole in the cap was put in to allow passage of air in case the dreadful event happened.

Other companies and manufacturers soon followed suit and adopted this design change in their ball pens.

And, this whole time we thought that the hole in the cap was for it to dry the ink faster.


Thoughtful much!


h/t: Brightside

Featured Image: Brightside