Homeless dogs are everywhere in the world, and Nis, a city in Serbia, is no different. But, the effort of one man is making a difference to almost 450 dogs rescued from the streets of this city. Sasa Pejcic has created a sanctuary for the rescued dogs to provide them shelter, food, and medical requirements. These dogs rescued from streets of Nis now have a safe place to play and people who cares for them.

The following video released by The Harmony Fund shows the commendable work of Sasa and also sends out a strong message. The maintenance of each rescued dogs require $15 every month and currently 88 four-legged inmates of the sanctuary have sponsors. Ergo, The Harmony Fund is encouraging people to donate to help Sasa maintain the sanctuary and help the dogs living here.

Watch the following video of the sanctuary and if you also want to contribute to this noble cause here is the link of the donation page of The Harmony Fund.

Video Courtesy: Harmony Fund

Do not miss the description in the video that says, Sanctuary founder Sasa is the happiest man in Serbia.