Dear Friend,

There really are 7 “Secrets” that you need to know and understand before you can successfully transform your life from where it is now to where it needs to be. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, you are handicapped from the start if you have not first mastered these 7 Secrets.

These 7 Secrets require that you change your long-held attitudes, your approach to living, and your priorities. They also require you to discover a degree of emotional maturity within that few today know they can possess.

Comprehend and implement these 7 Secrets and you will dramatically transform the quality of your life.

The 7 Secrets to Living the Good Life are as follows:

  1. Know thyself – You must understand your unique needs before you do anything else. This is the beginning of happiness;
  2. Develop a 21st Century Life Skillset – Be a skilled life “investor” – know the dangers, see the opportunities, invest in and build up skills, and diversify risks. Learn to navigate today’s waves of change. Think “worldly,” not provincially. And protect and build “capital”. These skills can be learned;
  3. Wealth – Earn as you go, instead of all at once. And derive income from varied sources. This is a new approach to “wealth” building. It ensures that multiple streams of income are always available;
  4. Focus your everyday life around your loves, not around earmark money. Time is life – spend it wisely;
  5. Priorities – Be present with who and what you love – otherwise, what’s the point ?;
  6. Follow your dreams – this requires courage, drive, and bold action; and
  7. Love thyself – you are beautiful just the way you are. Learn to eject the judgments of the world and just be you.

Master these 7 Secrets and you will never want of anything again.

I know. I could write a book about each one of these secrets. You want to know more. Well, many books have been written. Some of these concepts speak for themselves. Others, such as how to create wealth, could use some flesh out. So start your research! Get Googling! And do not be lazy! This is your life – your future – that we’re talking about here!

Featured Image: netdoctor
Source by Hugh DeBurgh