What are the secrets to success in life? First of all, “What” kind of lifestyle do you want or what do you want to succeed at? When you have answered this truthfully you now have a direction or goal to achieve that you can gauge your success by. This presentation is to motivate and encourage you that from now on to aim higher, to expect and achieve more than the status quo. Our time on earth is too short to drink bad wine, so make the most of every second of every day to learn, enjoy and add value to those around you, to expect more from this time on.

Here are my top 5 success secret tips to get you there.

1. Decide what it is you really want.

2. You always get what you focus and take action on …

3. Visualize living your dream in 3D.

4. Mix this dream with strong emotional Desires.

5. Persist with Determination to make this dream your reality.

1. Know what it is you want from life. To build that house that you desire, it has to be built twice. It first starts in your mind as you visualize and plan it, this then is physically built and becomes your home. Once you know what it is you want, visualize, mould, describe and plan what the output will look like. Once you have decided on the big picture, set small step by step goals to get you there.

2. You always get what you focus and take action on … This dream of yours needs to be written down and carried with you at all times to be constantly reminded of what it is that you want. This becomes your priority and the focus of your attention. As ideas come to you that may lead to fulfilling this goal, then take immediate massive action on implementing them.

3. Capture this goal in your mind and see it as real. Feel it, touch it, smell it, experience this anticipated outlet in 3 dimensions. The mind can not discern between the imagined and the reality. Once this image is impregnated in your mind it becomes real to it and a sense of certainty is established in obtaining this dream. Your sub-conscience will work 24 hours a day constructing a plan of action for obtaining this.

4. Mix this dream with strong emotional Desires. Desire is one of mans greatest motivators in setting a firm goal, that gives a drive to taking massive action. Desire can be nurtured and inflamed by building strong mental images in your mind mixed with strong feelings of emotion. Your mind is a very powerful tool, use it to get what you want …

5. Persist with “Determination” to make this dream your reality. Taking one step at a time will get you to where you wish to go. Obstacles, challenges and temporary defeats are sure to find you. When these come, always ask yourself, “How do I get around, through or over this?” See these setbacks as something temporary, that can be overcome through creative thinking, mixed with persistence and determination.

Asking questions claims an answer. Solutions to problems can and must be found. Use every resource available to you. Life is a journey that is to be enjoyed and seen as a positive experience. It is not the destination that most counts but how you get there and how you view the experiences along the way.
Find what it is to motivate you, that is what will bring you success.

Featured Image: Lifeducators

Source by Rodney Saunders