Buddhist Precepts

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Lord Buddha.

Buddhism from more than 2500 years has been the primary inspiration behind many successful civilizations around the globe. Through Buddhism, we can make our path of life joyous and content with love, peace and truth!

Large numbers of men and women from diverse backgrounds across the globe are following the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Buddhism is not a religion with restrictions but a way of life that gives a certain direction to your aimless inner self to lead a meaningful life.

Today, as our lives grow busier than ever before, we hardly pay attention to any ancient philosophies that help us to be kind, mindful and slow down in our approach to life.

Here are 5 Buddhist Precepts that you can incorporate into your daily life easily and find that missing peace and happiness.

Lord Buddha

Do not harm or kill living things: So from now think before even killing even an ant!

Do not take things unless they are freely given: Think twice before asking anything for free at grocery shop!

Lead a decent life: By practising kindness, you can enjoy reconnecting with the world and learn to be happy with the simplest of things.

Do not speak unkindly or tell lies: Think before you speak and have a better control of your thought about yourself as well as for others.

Do not abuse drugs or drink alcohol: Well, a healthy body leads to a better life and this precept should not be a rule to follow but a good way to a good life.

Trying to implement some of the above precepts in your daily life will bring about positive changes that will definitely help you to approach life in a more optimistic angle – give it a try!