Winning in life is everyone’s goal. One way or another, we want to succeed. We want to have that beautiful house and lot. We want to have a job that not only pays well, but also provides us with opportunities to grow. We want to have wonderful meaningful relationships with people. At the end of the tunnel, we want to be able to say that we did good.

So, how do we make all that happen? What are the secrets to winning in life?

Winning Secret # 1: Be a Go-Getter.

Success comes to those who want it. Waiting around for success to happen to you is not such a reliable strategy. With stiff competition from the rest of the world, you need to chase after success yourself!

Be a go-getter. Start taking initiatives. When the universe sees how much you want it, it’ll help you achieve your goal.

Want to get ahead at work? Volunteer to take on additional responsibilities. But make sure you do not bite off more than you can chew. Want to fix your crumbling relationship with your parents? Make the first move. Want to excel in class? Do not rely on classroom discussion all the time. Conduct your own research.

Winning Secret # 2: Take Calculated Risks.

Winning in life means to take a few risks along the way. There are good risks, and then there are bad risks. Obviously, you should avoid taking bad risks.

Unless you’ve got the most amazing luck (one that guarantees you get a prize for every raffle draw you participate in), it’s recommended that you take only calculated risks.


Investing your money in a business that has actually gone through a feasibility study and shows great promise is a calculated risk. Investing your money in something you know next to nothing about – and hoping you hit the jackpot – is plain reckless.

The best formula for determining what to do? Consider the best and the worst-case scenarios.

Winning Secret # 3: Allow Yourself To Be Happy.

Winning in life is not always about having the most and having the best. It’s also about being happy with what you have, and with who you are.

Sometimes, we get so caught up climbing the ladder of success that we forget about why we’re doing it in the first place. Ultimately, to win in life is to be happy with life.

Winning in life is every person’s dream. The journey to get there is not always the easiest, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Source by Michael Lee