Seeing your hard work and dedication, your company decides to send you on a work trip to New York; or your startup needs fund and the investors sitting in London want to meet you once. But, you do not have your passport. Because, who thought at 24-25 you might need to go abroad?

No worries! Tatkal Passport option is there, but for that Voters ID Card is must, which, by the way, you thought is not quite necessary until the next general elections. And hence, you never felt like getting it made.

Well, before you end up in any of such situations where lack of a document might land you in an unfavourable situation, here is a checklist of things you must get for yourself before turning 25.

1. Driving License: This is most important document you must own. It identifies you as a licensed driver and also it is one of the most authentic government identified ID card that can be used to do many other official things.

2. Aadhar Card: This 12 digit individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India serves as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India.

3. Passport: Keep your passport ready before you turn 25. Office trip or a vacation; you never know what can make you travel abroad. It’s better to be prepared than last-minute panic.

4. Voter ID Card: If you do not have your voting card yet then get it before turning 25. Exercise your voting power once and feel proud about yourself.

5. Pan Card: Pan Card is a ten-digit alphanumeric number issued by Income Tax department in form of a laminated card. For financial activities of any sort, a PAN card is an essential.

6. Degree Of Your Choice: Pursue a course in which you are interested. This will make your studies and job easier. Degree of your choice gives you freedom to turn your passion into profession.

7. A Crash Course On Your Hobby: Take out some time from your busy schedule and chase your hobby with some seriousness. A crash course can help you learn finer details of something that you really like and add a professional edge to your amateur skills.

8. Credit Card: Owning a credit card will make you realise that life is much more than ‘papa ke paise‘. Spending on your own will make you understand the real value of money.

9. Personal Bank Account: You must have a personal bank account. This will make you financially responsible, stable and independent. You will become aware about your expenses and other related things.

10. If Possible Space Of Your Own: Maybe buying your own house before 25 is difficult but you can certainly have a rented place or a bachelor’s/bachelorette’s pad as they popularly call. The place that’s nook and corner depicts your personality and thought process. This also signifies one’s independence.

PS: Being an adult comes with some responsibilities and these documents are part of those responsibilities.