Keeping healthy among the onslaught of decidedly unhealthy foods and unhealthy lifestyles that are so easy to fall into can be difficult without the right vitamins. One man is helping to keep the world healthy with the introduction of a line of natural vitamins formulated to provide the body with a full range of support, including bone health support, heart health support, and vitamins for energy. Dr. Weil Daily Vitamin Packs of natural vitamins are available in 10 different formulas, each designed to target specific needs of the body.

Dr. Andrew Weil is a graduate of Harvard medical school who has the added expertise that comes with holding a degree in botany. Dr. Weil is the founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, in Tucson, so his particular interest in natural vitamins for bone health support. He is also a best-selling author of several authoritative books on medicine.

Dr. Weil has used his knowledge and experience to form the Weil Foundation in support of Integrative Medicine and research. As part of the endeavors of the Weil Foundation, the Dr. Weil Daily Vitamin Packs, such as Heart Health Support, was created in support of world healthiness.

Each box of natural vitamins contains a 30-day supply. The product line of Dr. Weil’s vitamin packs is as follows:

Antioxidant & Multivitamin – This vitamin multipack is formulated for everyday basic health needs and is full of antioxidants. It is designed to prevent gaps in dietary health through vitamin support.

  • Immune Support – This formula stimulates the immune system through a combination of natural vitamins from astragalus and polypore mushrooms.
  • Omega-3 Support – Omega-3 has been found to have several health benefits. This formula used EPA and DHA Omega-3s to help with healing and everyday health.
  • Bone Health Support – Bone Health Support packs are designed for women. The Bone Health Support packs contain calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that are required for women’s health.
  • Vitamins for Energy – These vitamins for energy have a base of Siberian ginseng, ashwagandha, and cordyceps. All of these herbal vitamins for energy show great clinical promise, especially when the vitamins for energy are in conjunction with the multivitamin.
  • Memory Support – Memory Support uses a formula of HAD and ginkgo biloba to keep brain function sharp.
  • Cholesterol Support – Cholesterol Support used, even more, Omega-3s and CoQ10 to fight bad cholesterol.
  • Joint Support – This formula contains several herbal ingredients, including glucosamine.
  • Heart Health Support – This for one of the most important functions of the human body. The Heart Health Support formula uses Omega 3s, Magnesium, and CoQ10.
  • Environmental Support – This formula contains a plethora of antioxidants to fight the toxins encountered in the environment.

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Source by Samuel Solorzano