Upper Chest

Many guys want a great looking chest but they seem to forget that the hardest part of the chest to develop is the upper chest. My advice for everyone is to start focusing on upper chest workouts more than any other part of the chest.

When you bench press on a flat bench you use your chest to lift the weight but mostly the middle of pec muscles. In order to work the upper chest, you have to have the bench at an incline. The greater the incline the higher on your chest it will work. Because you are significantly weaker in your upper chest than any other part of your pecs you will need to lighten the weight when you switch to incline.

A lot of people will notice that using an incline bench will actually put more stress on their shoulder and can cause a lot of pain during the lift. For this reason, I suggest using dumbbells when you switch to the incline bench. This way your shoulders will be free to move in the way they want to move and you can avoid doing serious damage to your shoulder.

It’s not rare to have you shoulder hurt at this angle but you should use lightweight while you play with how wide you let your elbows go. Many times if you do not allow your elbows to flare straight out to the side but bringing them a little closer to the body you can find that perfect range of motion that will not hurt your shoulder.

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Featured Image: Jason’s Take
Source by Bruce Bentley