What is the best way to get bigger arms? This is one of the most commonly asked questions that you will hear from those who are into body building especially the beginners. Have you ever dream of wearing muscle shirts worn by professional body builders? Well, I’m telling you that having triceps muscles is just within your reach through the best triceps workout. So keep on reading as I show you how.

Triceps make up two-thirds of your arm and is considered as the weakest in the group of muscles that assist in doing bench press but it is the chief muscle that operates on your elbows and forearms. Thus, it is very essential to train your triceps and perform the most effective triceps exercise.

Here are some of the suggested triceps workouts that you can do:

1. Close Grip Bench Press

As what the name implies, it is a kind of bench press with much tighter grip compared to the standard bench press. Why close grip? This is to put more stress on the triceps, making an efficient triceps workout.

· Lie down on a bench like in a regular bench press position but put your hands not wider than your shoulders.

· Keep your elbows in and do not let them glide off from your body.

· Do not allow the bar to reach your lower chest but it should stay within your upper chest area.

2. Parallel Bar Dips

This triceps workout does not only target your triceps but works on your pectoral muscles and deltoids as well.

· Cross your ankles as you clutch onto the bars.

· Bend your arms slowly as you lower down your torso.

· Lift your body back to its original position when you feel that your elbows are fully bent.

3. Lying French Press

This is a triceps workout that works your triceps from a different angle compared to other pressing exercises.

· Lie down flat on a bench.

· Hold an EZ curl bar with your hands stretched out and your hands shoulder width apart.

· Slowly lower down the bar to your nose or hairline by bending your elbows.

· Stretch your arms to go back to the original position.

4. Lying Triceps Extension (Skull Crusher)

This is the kind of triceps workout that works on the long head of the triceps and allows heavier weights to be lifted.

· Lie down flat on a bench.

· Grab the barbell with narrow-hand spacing with arms stretched.

· By bending your arms, lower the bar behind your forehead to put more stress on your triceps.

· Stretch your arms to go back to the original position.

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Source by Arkin Kaman