Living a healthy life takes discipline and practice. This applies not only to your eating habit but also to your fitness habits. To truly live a healthy lifestyle you must commit to being active every day. Try some of these tips:

1. Never drive when you walk.

2. Use steps whenever possible instead of the elevator.

3. Listen to books on tape while walking, rather than curling up with the book.

4. If you are stressed, try walking meditation. Find a place with no traffic, like a park or beach, and walk with awareness.

5. Take a walk around the block between eating dinner and dessert. You will burn calories and the exercise might even dampen your need for the extra food.

6. Rather than reaching for food or alcohol if you are angry or upset, opt for some high-intensity exercise like taking a brisk walk, jumping rope, doing a jumping jack, or sparring with an imaginary partner.

7. Put on socks and polish the kitchen or bathroom floor with your feet.

8. Be a tourist in your hometown or city. Take a walking tour or just explore an unfamiliar part of the city.

9. When your energy is flagging, hold off on the coffee, Candy bar, or nap and get moving. Studies have shown that a brisk 10-minute walk raises energy levels for two hours, and you will be burning calories too.

10. Fidget. If you are not natural born in this, take up a hobby such as knitting to keep your hands moving.

11. At your kid practice or at a game, do not just sit in the bleachers. Walk the sidelines or do a circuit of the field.

Featured Image: LIVESTRONG.COM
Source by Edet Ene