Most people are busy in this world, and for this reason there’s nothing worse than not knowing how to cook for yourself, except perhaps not learning how to. If you’ve ever eaten any ethnic foods before, you’ll notice that compared to a lot of fast foods they’re extremely healthy and also very delicious.

A lot of these dishes may look complicated when they’re presented to you (if it looks appealing and is any good, of course) but in truth they can be as simple as boiling some water, chopping up vegetables and adding a sauce that takes only a few minutes to create.

The recipe determines far more than the ingredients – It defines how long to cook those ingredients for, when to stop cooking them, how to apply those fragrances or cooking techniques to ensure the flavors are absorbed in just the right way.

It’s the way the ingredients are prepared, marinated, spiced what makes the food great.
The point is not that however, it’s that some ethnic meals can become complex, but they do not have to be.

Take for example Thai food, an all-time favorite for most people. It is quite simple to prepare a delicious tasting Thai meal in under 10 minutes. Boiling a jug with hot water is easy, chopping up vegetables and lean meat or fish is reliably easy provided you use a proper knives.

A lot of those strong smells typical of ethnic food do not necessarily agree with some people’s sense of smell or taste; Largely it might be the pungent odor that garlic leaves clinging to your skin for a few days after it has been consumed.
This is not always noticeable at first, but regular consumption of large amounts of this very useful bulb can have that unfortunate recourse.

While you might not realize that there are plenty of alternatives available to anyone who wants to capture the idea of the dish without sacrificing one part of it, but they are not as easy to find as some might like.

If you do not mind hunting around you can dig up plenty of information about substitutes for, or similar tastes to garlic (and expressions as that’s another one many people do not like).

Remember that these substitute ingredients are still healthy, so you’re not losing out on that either – The Thai meals that make use of special sauces and nuts are just as delicious as the garlic pad Thai or the Thai green curry with garlic.

You do not need hours to cook these meals either, they are very quick and easy in a lot of cases. Some may only take 5 to 7 minutes to prepare.

Source by Omnoi Bannert