Tandoori Chicken is one of India’s most popular and widely eaten dishes. The dish has its origin back from mughals, and is highly popular in some Middle Eastern countries.

It is a sheer delight for all non-vegetarian lovers, courtesy its exclusive taste. But, have you ever wondered whether eating Tandoori Chicken is good for your health or not? Does it really match with our healthy lifestyle? I will tell you all bout it right here

 What is Tandoori Chicken?  

The whole raw chicken which is marinated using seasoning, flavours, spices, curd, lemon water etc and then cooked on tandoor (high temperature).


Chicken is rich in proteins and fats. It contains no carbohydrates. If we talk about chicken legs, it contains almost 18g fat and 20 gm protein. Its wings also has almost same amount of fat-protein.

But chicken breast is the lean source of protein and is highly recommended for all those looking to grow muscles.

When you eat Tandoori Chicken, you are eating the whole chicken, which has proteins, fats as well as cholesterol. The cholesterol in Chicken increases your bad cholesterol level which down the road leads to many heart diseases.


The main problem lies in marinating the chicken. At regular restaurants, the spices, salt and oil used are high on sodium level which is not at all good for health.

Nutrition Value

At a good restaurant (Half plate)

– 300-400 calories, 45 gm protein, 20 gm fat and 7-8 gm Carbohydrates
You can eat this chicken once in a week. But if the nutritional value is less than this then one should avoid eating it.

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