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Poor health is something that everyone is concerned with today. The principal problem that is talked about is poor eating habits, but it comes down to almost every decision we make. One thing that is continuously talked about is the advantages of a nutrition vitamin supplement to help improve health. This article will take a look at a few vitamins and hopefully help you decide if you need supplements or not.

One health problem that many people face is alcohol and tobacco. These are things that are poor for our health and can be prevented, but many choose to smoke and drink and worsen their health. Supplements can help to improve your health slowly from this, but they can only do so much and the best way to improve your health is to stop drinking and smoking completely. Vitamin C can do positive things to counter-act the harmfulness of smoking and drinking.
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Taking folic acid supplements, one of the B vitamins is good for women to take a few months before getting pregnant. Lack of folic acid in women has been proved to be responsible for certain birth defects, including spina bifida and anencephaly. Continue taking the supplement through the early trimesters for best benefit. Osteoporosis is also a problem many women face as they get older, so taking calcium supplements have major benefits.

Vitamin E has been found to help prevent certain types of cancer, as well as Vitamin A. You can lower your risk of oral cancer and skin cancer through vitamins. Vitamin E also protects against cardiovascular problems, especially heart attacks. You can improve your cardiovascular risk profile by up to 40% by taking vitamin E supplements which help prevent clogging of the arteries and lowers blood pressure.

The final benefit of vitamin supplements is their help with dieting and weight loss. One problem people face when they go on a diet is they begin to focus too much on calories and not enough on eating a healthy portion of food that provides vitamins and minerals. Also, teenagers face vitamin deficiencies from eating too much junk food instead of food that provides good nutrients. Taking vitamin supplements can help in both cases to provide the nutrients your body needs.

Vitamin supplements are good at helping improve health in a number of different ways. They provide you with the nutrients you need that you may not be getting from your diet or just by providing you with more nutrients to help improve certain areas of your health. A nutrition vitamin supplement should be considered to improve your health.

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