In order to get six pack abs and experience a fat loss, you’ll need to be performing the right type of exercises in the gym.

Six pack abs do not come easily to many people, but if you do take the right approach to your ab workouts, you can most certainly be well on your way to getting a midsection that will turn heads. The key is knowing what exercises are going to help and which are just going to be a waste of your time.

Here are the main ones you want to focus on during your ab workouts.

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are a terrific exercise to put in your ab program because they will ensure that you are only using your ab muscles when you perform them.

So many people, when performing their crunches, will utilize momentum as a means of completing the exercise, which means the abs will be performing less work.

So, while they theoretically think they are really targeting their abs, they are not. Hanging leg raises help to avoid this issue.

The Plank Exercise

Another good exercise to make a part of your workout is the plank. This exercise is a really good way to target in on those deep inside core muscles that are often neglected when performing exercises such as front and side crunches.

Furthermore, this exercise will also improve your balance and agility, increasing your fitness level even more.

Crunches On The Ball

Finally, the third exercise you should strictly consider performing at least a few times a week is basic abdominal crunches performed on an exercise ball.

The nice thing about this is that the exercise ball will serve to make your body unstable, which then will require you to recruit all the muscle fibres in the core to a larger extent.

Be sure when doing these crunches that you are fully extending the body, moving through the fullest range of motion that you can while effectively maintaining control of your body.

So, have a good look at your current abdominal exercise program. If these movements are not included in, you may not be doing everything you could be getting on track as far as obtaining a six-pack is concerned.

It really is important that you give special considerations to the exercises you are performing because if you are not careful, some exercises will only begin to make you look wider rather than leaner and slimmer – what you are going for.

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