Watch out for that weight plate falling off the barbell! Hope that did not hurt, too much. You would always want to come out of the gym feeling stronger, not injuring yourself. It is important to follow certain safety tips to prevent a risk of infection from a fellow gym-er or an injury from the equipment.

Begin with undergoing a proper fitness assessment, so that your trainer gets to know your fitness levels and past medical history and then makes your workout plan based on these. A proper warm up is necessary to avoid any muscle tears or muscle pulls during intestinal workouts. Equally important is to maintain proper form for all exercises. Drink water (but do not over-flood) to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated, thus reducing performance. Always check if the equipment you are about to use has its pins and collars in place. If you are to lift heavy (especially bench pressing), do not hesitate asking for a spotter.

Using good technique is essential to build muscle and prevent injury. Keep breathing while lifting and bringing down a weight. Try not to wear loose clothing which could hamper your workout. It is also recommended to get your own towel and not use the one which your gym provides. As soon as you are done with your exercise, keep the free weights back to their original place, to avoid anyone tripping over them. Have a shower and change your gym wear when you are done. And finally, do not spend too much time exercising, in the hope of getting a bigger body. More does not mean better here.

Understand your limitations and do not let your ego come in between when trying to lift a weight. These safety tips would ensure that you enjoy your workout and not worry about picking up an infection or an injury.

Source by Max Poundstone