I’m afraid that a lot of people set really high expectations on themselves. Some think working out will solve all of their body image issues. Thinking that exercise will make you perfect only leads to disappointment and ultimately, giving up altogether.

The thing is, we are predisposed to an extent. Our genetics play a huge factor in our body shape.

I really wanted a nice bulge in my bicep. You know the ones I mean. Those nice, perfectly formed round muscles. Well, my biceps are probably characterized by slow twitch muscle fibers, which means they are great for endurance but not so great for power. This makes them appear long and small but lean. Not big, round and powerful. So I do not have my ideal biceps but you know what? I’m very happy with my arms. They have come a long way! There was a time when I would not even take a picture from the side because I was so self-conscious over them.

I remember when I started losing weight, I had these ideas that I would lose a few pounds and suddenly have a perfect body. Like a model from a magazine. No cellulite, no little bulges of fat anywhere etc. The reality is, nobody is ever 100% happy with their bodies. There is always things we think could be better. The quest to perfection is doomed for failure.

The point is, self-improvement is not about looking like the cover of a Fitness magazine. It’s feeling satisfied with all the physical and mental changes you have achieved. It’s about all the newly developed abilities and feeling good about yourself, that truly matters.

My main goal was to lose weight but through that goal I discovered my love of running, weight lifting, walking, sports and fitness related topics. I see these interests and abilities to be more satisfactory than the original goal I set out to achieve.

Keep in mind that body builders like Arnold used stereoids and models were born thin and they are still airbrushed and “digitally enhanced” to look perfect. The bodies you see in the media are not real. Nobody is perfect but everyone is beautiful.

Be Realistic!

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Featured Image: Majic
Source by Kaleena A Lawless