Sunny weather calls for fun activities. Now imagine swimming in a pool. Is not it refreshing? Not only that, did you know that being in the pool means that you can work on your stomach muscles as well? Bet you did not know that. Being in water, our body is constantly going through resistance, as the water does that naturally. The resistance in water is more than that in the air, so aquasizing or exercising in water means you can work out those muscles in a low impact environment, meaning less strain on all your joints. The next time you are in a pool, try out these exercises. As always, remember to consult a professional and a physician before you begin with any exercise routine. And always warm up so as to avoid injury.

Let me introduce you to the jump and dig workouts which consist of two exercise moves. One works out the upper body and the other works out the lower body. The first is fantastic for your oblique muscles and the second is great for your abdominal muscles. First, stand in the pool with the water level somewhere between your belly button and your chest. Place your feet some distance apart. Now to work on the lower body, jump so that your knees come up to the surface of the water and back down. To get the form right, you could picture a frog jumping. Now to work on your upper body, start by making a scoop with both hands at the surface of the water. Place your hand scoop just benefit the surface of the water. Now scoop up and to one side. Do alternate sides to work out both sides of your oblique muscles. Start out by doing the jump and the dig separately for about three minutes each. Once you have managed to master both forms, you can try to do them simultaneously. This exercise can help you work out both your upper and lower stomach muscles at the same time.

As you go along you will build more endurance and strength. Once you find it easier to do the exercise, you can add more resistance by wearing water gloves. You could also try to do the exercises faster and finish more reps in the three minutes. However, always remember to stay in form. It is not wise to sacrifice form for speed as it is much better to do an exercise properly than to do it quickly. Set your own fitness goals and gradually work towards them. You may want to see instant results but do remember that you should never push yourself too hard in such a short time. Getting injured is no way to a great stomach. Start small and work gradually towards your goal. Be realistic.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a pool and do the jump and dig workouts now.

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Source by Juzaily Ramli