If your problems are not so serious and you can survive, use humor to make things easier.

All situations of life have a funny aspect if you look for it.

In the beginning, this is hard because you do not have any talent and you do not know however to find it.

When you are sad you feel like hitting everyone you see in front of you … You do not have any disposition to look for the funny aspect in anything.

However, this is when you need your humor more than ever!

You can make many jokes out of problems. I’ve written many funny stories based on human problems.

How can you do that? Simply by analyzing the situation from the outside, like an observer. In other words, what is happening does not affect you, even if you are in a sad situation – you have to pretend that it does not affect you personally in order to have the proper mood to make jokes out of problems.

So, instead of thinking about the bad situation you have to face, look at it as if you were observing someone else having the same problems. Try to find something funny in the problem or in the repetition of problems, try to compare one problem to another … Use your imagination!

I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say that you start saying: “I went to the store, but they did not have what I wanted to buy. Then I went home, but my mother did not have time to prepare anything for lunch because my brother broke someone’s window with the ball and they came home to complain … I even had listened to the complaints while preparing what to eat”.

You can transform all the unlucky things into a joke. Then you can complete your list, adding other unlucky events.

In the end, you’ll give an ironic title to your story to make it funny. Something like: “Happy moments”, or “The Adventures of a Daily Survivor”.

Read my article “Daily Humor – Solving Problems” and you’ll have the inspiration to make your own jokes out of daily problems!

I’m also preparing for you the e-book “Stop Being Insecure – Confidence and Clarity” so that you may learn how to use humor in order to always keep your good mood, feel secure and have something nice to say on all occasions!

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