The title quotes a line from the new Indiana Jones film, and one that we could all do well to heed.

This quote is particularly relevant to the one thing many people do not seem able to focus clearly on; their health and fitness.

How many times have you wasted time, waiting to do something about your big bum, your sagging arms or your terrible diet? Have you done yourself complaining about your lack of results, your poor willpower or just the simple fact you do not have time?

For those of you already active, how long have you been waiting to match your exercise with your effective exercise program?

They say all good things come to those who wait …

Waiting is fine, so long as you’ve already started the ball rolling and taken action to make things happen.

Waiting to get started is a killer.

Complaining about your lack of energy, your expanding bottom or your balloon waistline, without doing anything constructive about it will take you anywhere, except further into depression and dissatisfaction.

Getting started on a healthy plan is a great start, but unless you stick with that plan and see it through to completion (ie: fat loss or improved health), you may as well save your energy.

Indiana Jones was relentless in finding his treasure. He did not give up at the first hurdle. He put the time and effort in and it paid off – richly!

Take my advice – little and often – both for exercise and eating portions.

With those two health changes, you can not go wrong …

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Featured Image: BodyTrac
Source by Simon Dainton