When you want to make a dish, that will smell great going by you to the table then buy some fresh vegetables and chicken and pull together some Mexican Chicken Recipes. Fajitas are the best when you want it all. The smells of the interviews and peppers and the grilled chicken with the spices is phenomenal on your senses. Mexican food can make you hungrier while you are cooking it and as you are waiting for the tortillas to warm you can picture the burrito you will be making with the fresh cooked chicken and veggies.

Mexican Chicken Recipes on Cinco De Mayo is a normal dinner at my house because the basics to make Mexican chicken are inexpensive and fast to cook. You can add Spanish rice and top it with scallions to add color. There are so many easy recipes available that you can start with seasoning your chicken at the beginning of the week and grilling it up on Sunday to prepare a few dishes ahead of time, for the busy week you have planned when school is in session.

Start with fajitas or a taco salad and guacamole and with your left chicken you can make a great casserole for later in the week or freeze it for the following week. Place in the refrigerator the night before to thaw and put it in the oven for 30 minutes and add some tortillas and salsa and its dinner time quick and easy. Parties are a great time to put together enchiladas and serve them with lettuce and tomatoes. It is quick to put together. Chicken enchiladas are not expensive to make even for a group and they hold up well while traveling. They stand up to being reheated and as the spices blend together they tease your taste buds every time.

Nothing says Mexican food better than the blend of peppers, onions, garlic, cheese, jalapenos and hot spices. Bring in the sombrero and enjoy one of the most popular foods in the world. If you want to get the children involved then teach them young how to make guacamole and nachos. Once they start cooking with you and learn how easy it is to pull together a Mexican recipe they will impress the grandparents easily for that extra money they want for school.

So come and visit us for some delicious Mexican Chicken Recipes that you can create in your own kitchen.

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Source by Betty McCormick