Men’s fitness does not naturally work itself out when single fathers have a lot on their plate. Between a stressful day job and keeping up with child support payments, some single dads often shuttle between towns making long-distance parenting a difficult yoke to bear. Oftentimes single fathers end up taking their own physical condition and emotional state for granted. Being available to their children is important to them, but without taking good care of their own well-being they run the risk of jeopardizing not only their health but the peace of mind of being active in their kids lives. A parent can not properly and fully nurture their children if they can not function as care providers to their own selves. Here are important reminders every single dad should know when it comes to their fitness and health.

Busy dads are often hard pressed to find available time for exercise, but by taking 10,000 steps a day will ensure the least required physical activity to keep active and in shape. Working dads can first aim for 3,000 then work their way up for a good cardio routine. Doing stretches as little as 5 minutes a day encourages flexibility while keeping the heart rate up 60 minutes every week does wonder for a busy fathers stamina and endurance. To keep muscle tone, get into a strength training exercise with some 15 to 30-pound dumbbells for about 30 minutes every other day will do the trick. As men get older muscle tissue starts to get a little lean, and dads know that parenting requires all the energy and strength they’ll need in keeping up with their kids.

People do not get enough of the daily required amount of vitamins and minerals from food like they used to. As men get older, the risk of losing bone and muscle mass increases and nutrients that rebuild muscle and bone are of dire importance. Men under the age of 50 can benefit from the daily multivitamin intake. These essential vitamins consist of the following: vitamin D (1000 ui) that promotes the immune system and helps fight off cancer; calcium (600 mg) for bone regeneration coupled with magnesium (200 mg) for better absorption of calcium; 2,500 units of vitamin A (retinal) which has antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals. Although not a vitamin, studies show the benefits of taking 2 baby aspirin (162 mg total) will fight off cancer and heart disease.

Proper nutrition is key to a single dads longevity. We have to be mindful of what we eat by making the right food choices and avoiding those that have no health benefits. A lot of the free radicals that reek in the body increases as a man gets older, so eating 5-7 fist full of anti-oxidant rich fruits and veggies a day are weapons against these agents that accelerate ageing. Brain degeneration is another risk factor for a man ages and eating food strong in Omega 3 fats (found in salmon and some nuts) is a way to prevent this from occurring. A daily intake of 12-25 grams of fibre helps the body eliminate harmful toxins. Avoidance of high-sugar, high-fat proteins in food is recommended. Not only should we want to eat healthy, but also create a healthy lifestyle for our kids as well.


The importance of keeping track of ones state of well-being cannot be stressed enough. A dad has to know the condition his body is in if his waistline is not more than half of his height in inches, his blood pressure reading (with a systolic value not greater than 140, while the diastolic no greater than 90), his cholesterol levels (LDL less than 100 and HDL greater than 40) and blood sugar level. As single dads, we need to take responsibility for our health by knowing what kind of medical health checks we need and when to have them administered. The standard medical exams include: an annual executive check-up, a dental check-up every 6 months, and bi-annual eye-exam. Single dads age 45 and older will benefit from having an echocardiogram, a stress test, and a colonoscopy. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the best way to avoid an illness is to nip them right at the bud before they even strike.

A lot of guy’s often boast that they’ll get enough shuteye when their dead, or tell them that sleep is for the weak. The lack of sleep makes the body vulnerable to illness and zap the life out of any activity or work during the waking hours. Getting enough sleep at the right times every night is important- sleep gives the body a chance to recuperate, and it uses that time to rebuild internal damage caused by daily activities bringing wear and tear to tissue and cells. That all being said, how well you take care of yourself will reflect on how attentive your kids will be towards their own health as they mature.

Source by Dave L Armstrong