You are what you eat. Whether it be the health aspect or the outer looks all depends on your diet or food intake. The food intake definitely shows on your skin, hair, nails and overall looks and energy levels.

Every category of food is important when it comes to health. You definitely can not survive on only carbs or just proteins. Rice or bread alone is not sufficient for meeting your nutritional needs. A balanced diet is really important. This is more so in the case of children. The growing years mean extra nutrition for catering to the growing needs.

Most categories of food I have seen is easy to get your family to eat, it is only the greens or the vegetables that tend to bring in a lot of fuss. This is true for my family if you do not have the problem consider yourself blessed.

Getting your family to eat vegetables has come to be a universal problem, especially with kids. This is evident considering the number of articles online that suggest methods and ways of sneaking in those vegetables. Yes, I too am trying to suggest a few ways here that pediatricians and experts recommend.

Children are the fussiest of eaters. You definitely can not put a plate of vegetables in front of them and expect them to finish it. It requires a lot of patience and creativity on your side to make it attractive to them. You have to try really hard as you are competitive with established fast food biggies like a burger or fries.

Cooking at home is the best way to ensure that your family eats well and stays healthy. You need to set an example for your kids. If you detest eating vegetables, do not expect your child to love them. Make eating vegetable fun, and your family is sure to enjoy it rather than finding it a chore or boring affair. The other day I had a friend asking me about how I got my children to eat vegetables. Here are some tips:

-Work hard at it, try to make it a habit. It sure is a real slow process but in the end, you are sure to be a winner. -Introduce new veggies one by one in their diet at a very young age. -Try to camouflage the veggies to make them more interesting and cut out the fuss.Try wraps with a whole lot of vegetables and meat too. Fried rice with several vegetables chopped fine or noodles/pasta with a variety of vegetables is also an attractive fare that most children like. -Sandwiches and pizzas with vegetables and meat toppings. Try sandwiches that are irresistible. Make them in the shape of funny faces, smilies or of different patterns. -Make dinner or possibly every meal a family affair. Kids tend to eat better while it is fun and with everyone else around. -Try outdoor locations for a change. For slightly older children, inviting friends over can be a good idea to get them to eat.

Food made fun is sure to work with kids. Take out the boredom from food, pay more attention to presentation and you are more than halfway on the path to success.

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Source by Mary Anne Durkee