The list of healthy foods to eat is extensive and includes easily obtained foods from your local supermarket.

The categories of good healthy foods include raw vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, and good lean protein such as meat or eggs. However, the majority of your daily food consumption should consist of raw vegetables and fresh fruits.

Daily Nutritional Needs

A major component of your daily diet should include a healthy portion of whole grains.

Whole grains have been found to help lower blood sugar while aiding in avoiding some of the causes of child obesity.

The list of whole grains is long. But of more importance to you is the list of healthy foods available in your supermarket that contain them.

Healthy Diet Menu

Many inexpensive healthy recipes can be used to make delicious meals from the list of healthy foods in the whole grain category.

The list of ready-to-eat whole grain products includes:

* Whole grain breads containing whole wheat, oats, or spelt, among others.

* Whole grain cereals such as oats, corn, or whole wheat products.

* Whole grain pasta made from whole wheat or spelt.

* Corn meal that has not been degerminated. If it is degerminated it is no longer a whole grain.

* Corn chips made from the entire kernel of corn.

* Brown or wild rice (or mixes of both).

It is not difficult to begin consuming larger quantities of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains if you begin to slowly integrate them into your daily meals. It’s easy.

Once you look beyond fast foods and begin making healthful food choices the list of healthy foods to eat begins to seem almost endless.

Source by Dr. Dale Heil