Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Perhaps your current ‘diet’ is making you sick. Did you know that in 5 easy steps you can transform your life and have an amazing amount of energy? Do you really think it could be as easy as an alkaline diet?

Let’s get started right away, following five easy steps to a pH alkaline diet that will have you: Changing the way you think about food; Drinking life-giving water instead of death-dealing over acidic beverages; Simplifying the process to fit with what you already have in your Cabinets; Looking into the top ten recipes that will jump-start your life; and why you should add these secret foods right away.

1. Changing the Way You Think About Foods

Let’s take stock of what you are already eating on a daily basis. Chances are you will not have to go out and buy foods you have never tried before, much less heard of. Pick up a list of alkalizing and acidifying foods. Look down the list as you forage through your cabinets. Check off the foods that are acidic and the ones that are alkaline. No food is really all that bad. In moderation, all foods can be consumed.

2. Drinking Life-Giving Water and Tossing Out Poison

Chances are you drink soda, coffee, or other chemically flavored beverages on a daily basis. Slowly trading these out for water will bring the greatest improvement you have ever seen. If water tastes bad, do not drink it. Water should taste wonderful. If water does not taste good, then something is wrong with it. Water should have a pH of about 7.0, but what comes out of the tap may be as low as 6.0 and contain environmental toxins you do not want anyway. To ease into drinking water, try adding flavored Stevia drops to the purified ionized water. If possible, get some pH mineral drops for your water. These two little tips should be all you need to gulp water down gleefully.

3. The Process: Fit It with What You Already Have in Your Cabinets

Try to eat 3-4 meals daily and 2-3 snacks. These meals should be one of three combinations: fresh fruit, starch and some freshly cooked vegetables, meat and some freshly cooked vegetables. For some flavor, add a dash of herbs to the dish, or kick start your body into feeling great by drizzling your food with olive oil, grape seed oil, or extra virgin coconut oil. All these contain omega fatty acids that will alkalize the body and feed it nourishing energy.

4. Top Ten Recipes: Jump Start Your Life

Look up some alkalizing recipes. Rather than shocking your system, and possibly your family, start with recipes that use foods you normally would eat. Pick about three and each week add two or three three more until you have ten quick and easy alkaline diet recipes that satisfy all your craving needs. These do not need to be drawn out hard to master science projects. After a few weeks knowing how to combine foods to make tasty and satisfying will be as easy as pouring that yummy water.

5. Add Secret Foods

To really get your body off to a good start there are two secret foods to add. The first one is a green drink. While there are many on the market that taste like pond water, with a little research you can even find them in berry and mint flavors. The second secret is to make your own fresh juice. No need to run out and buy a fancy machine here, a simple run of the mill blender will do the trick. Feel free to look up a few recipes, as this is a simple and broadly popular trick to speeding up the alkaline diet. And even after getting started, fresh fruit or vegetable juice may be the perfect pick-me-up after a long day.

Now that you know the five easy steps: change the way you think about foods, drinking life-giving water, fitting the alkaline ash diet into your current lifestyle and food preferences, and adding the secret ingredients that speed up the process; you can get going to a healthy, vibrant, energetic, fabulous you. Be sure not to deprive yourself of food and to drink plenty of water and juice. The whole intention of the alkaline diet is to feed and nourish your body. So go ahead and eat.

Feature Image: Dr. Axe

Source by Christina Baker