If you want to learn about how Kettlebells can be used for bodybuilding, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss why kettlebells can be used for packing on serious amounts of muscle all over your body and not just your arms, what exercises to use to reap the largest and best results and why kettlebells can be used with other bodybuilding methods for even greater results. After reading this article, you will also have enough knowledge to train your body in a functional manner which can be transferred to sports and other physical abilities

Kettlebells are a very understated and under used method for seriously packing muscle on to your frame. The kettlebell was the staple of many Strongmen and bodybuilders of the past and has been used for centuries to build big functional muscles.

The reason for this is because kettlebells force your body to work as a unit (how it should be trained) and most drills are compound (full body) exercises. Do not forget, bodybuilders get big because the train the big muscles of the body first. Think about hitting your whole body first and training the small ones last. Muscle stacked onto your legs and back will make you look much larger than a quarter inch on your arms.

Try a 6 week change in your current bodybuilding routine and use these exercises to reap these benefits.

The top kettlebell exercises for bodybuilding are those that use the most muscles and here they are:

The kettlebell swing – will grow and strengthen the big muscles of the back and legs

The kettlebell snatch – again will hit the legs and back but will add more involvement of the large group of shoulder muscles

The kettlebell clean and press – is a full body movement also targeting the triceps and shoulders

The kettlebell squat – enough said here. The staple of bodybuilding champions, squat and grow.

Try out a 6 week routine of using these 4 exercises 3-4 times per week for sets of 20 reps as heavy as you can building up to 4-5 sets and watch how your body packs on some serious beef. But do not forget HARD WORK = BIGGER RESULTS. Some of these exercises will make you puke but this level of tough work will take you to the next level

If you’re not prepared to swap your current bodybuilding routine for sole kettlebell training then superset the exercises listed with barbells and dumbbells for great results. This will push your body to new limits and greater muscle growth. Use your imagination for supersetting, but a great combo is barbell squat and the kettlebell swing.

So having discussed the major kettlebell exercises for muscle growth you must also understand that these exercises also carry through to sports ability and functional strength.


The kettlebell exercises listed here force your body to work as a unit in a functional fashion, making them very suitable to many sports. Most of them are triple extension exercises (3 joints extending simultaniously), in other words ‘the most valuable to power sports and bodybuilding’

With no doubt there are not enough bodybuilders using the secrets of kettlebell training. Try them out for new chapters in your physique. All the tools are here so go away and learn how to be strong and muscular and come back BIGGER, FASTER AND STRONGER.

Source by Rob C Russell