One thing that many of us would like to have is a strong and fit body, preferably also with a great looking six pack abs at our mid section. The problem is however, getting abs is one of the hardest achievement that one can accomplish, and this is even harder when one does not have a plan to follow.

Therefore, in order for you to truly stand a chance in achieving that goal, one must develop a fitness plan that is first measurable as well as attainable. This plan should cover your abs building basics such as your six pack abs diet, your workouts as well as a routine that you can follow.

The importance of tracking your progress is mainly to tell you if what you’ve planned is moving closer or farther away from your fitness goals. If your initial plan is to lose 1 kg every week for the next 3 months, then you can quickly check your progress and see if you’re on the right track or not by measuring every week.

While that is easy enough to do, you’ll be surprised that many will stop tracking after a week or so into their plan, I’m definitely guilty of this as I tend to get lazy and tired from my daily workout. This should definitely not be one of the mistakes you might make getting your abs.

Another important function of tracking and measuring your progress in your fitness goals is that it provides you with concrete numbers of just exactly how much you’ve progress, or not progressed. This way you get to stay motivated and on track all the time, if you see that you’ve successfully shred 4 kg in a months time as you’ve initially planned, you’ll be more motivated to continue your fitness plan.

However, do make sure that you’re setting smart and attainable goals when planning, over estimating what you might progress in a weeks time such as losing 5 kg in a week is the quickest way for you to quit training for those abs that you want . Therefore do check with others on how a typical result may be before you go about setting your goals.

Source by Greg Correll