There can be a number of reasons that you would keep bananas in your diet. Many people have low potassium and need the extra potassium that bananas have in order to keep it from dropping. There are also many fruits that are great snacks that are a substitution for that meal of junk. Many of the websites that will suggest that you not eat those chips but instead eat fruit. Of course, if a person eats too much of this, they will gain weight as well. If the site says one banana then it is one, not four.

It all comes down to how much a banana has in it. Do you have the information on calories in a banana? Well, the banana on average has 114 grams of the fruit so that is about 100 calories in a banana. There is a lot of energy in the banana that carbohydrates, which is sugar and starch. These calories will differ on the ripeness of the bananas. When the bananas are yellow or ripe, it has the extra calories. Bananas have different kinds of energy that will have different levels of calories. In regards to the fruits, the banana has the energy that is the most. If you want a snack that is great for getting your energy up then a banana will get this done fast. The banana is very easy to digest so this is why the energy is supplied quickly.

When you are on your diet you should watch how much banana that is taken in and what it is in. There are people that will include it as a food that is healthy. If you put a banana in a banana milkshake this does not make the shake healthy. You will be greatly mistaken if you think that it has the same energy supply as just eating a banana by itself. With the milkshake, it has more calories with the milk, sugar and other properties.

To keep bananas in your diet is not going to give you energy that you need every day. You will have to have other things in your diet and exercise to get the weight down and have more energy. Making a plan and sticking with it will allow you to stay the way you want to without that much effort. All you have to do is watch what you eat and how much of it that you eat and there you have it.

Featured Image: Post Magazine
Source by Kim Johanson