Because of some of the new diet fads, some healthy foods have gained a bad reputation. Some diets put all carbohydrates on the naughty list while others ban fruits that have any fat content. There are outdated studies that “proved” certain foods unhealthy while new studies show they are good for you. So what are some of these healthy foods that have gained an unhealthy reputation?

Canned Vegetables have been rumoured to contain fewer nutrients than their frozen or fresh counterparts. Most nutrition experts agree that canned, frozen, and fresh vegetables contain just about the same amount of vitamins and minerals. Some canned vegetables can be high in sodium but there are more and more low sodium choices out there. You can also rinse your canned vegetables before serving or cooking to remove the extra sodium. This is a great alternative when you have not had the chance to visit the store to buy the fresh vegetables.

Avocados are another food that has earned a bad reputation. This is mostly because of its reliably high-fat content. The fact is that this fruit contains a high amount of monounsaturated fat that is good for your heart. Two tablespoons contain 4.5 grams of fat, 4 of which are unsaturated. It contains just 50 calories making it a superb alternative to mayonnaise on your sandwich or can be added to your salad for a wonderful taste boost and reduce the amount of dressing needed.

Can pizza be healthy? Yes! Homemade pizza, done right, can be good and good for you. Use a whole wheat crust drizzled with olive oil, hummus or red sauce. Add some veggies to mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, and broccoli. Finish it off with a low-fat mozzarella cheese and some of your favourite herbs. Voila! Yummy and healthy. This is a great source for protein-rich dairy, whole grains, and vegetables.

Potatoes are another forbidden food because of its high carbohydrate levels. They can actually be a great source of nutrients including vitamins C, B-6 and fibre if you eat the skin. These should be eaten in moderation, after all, there are potatoes that are almost the size of a football! These should be shared and not consumed by just one person.

A healthy french fry alternative would have to cut the potato lengthwise into 8ths. Place on a cookie sheet and sprinkle garlic or your favourite herb over the tops. Cook until middle is soft and outside is a light golden brown.

These are a few of the foods that can be good for you if you prepare them properly and consume in moderation. Remember to always check the nutrition label before deeming a food healthy or unhealthy. If you are unsure if a food is right for you, you should consult your primary care physician. Never start a new diet or exercise program without first speaking with your doctor.

Featured Image:  Harvard University
Source by Jason Hatch