Diet advertising is everywhere you look. You can lose this much weight if you do this, you can drop thirty pounds immediately if you take this pill. We have heard and seen them all before but we can never actually read the really fine print at the bottom of the page under the fabulously fit model. What these companies are not advertising is that in order to lose weight you do not have to take a magic pill or go on a crash diet. As a matter of fact, I can not stand the word diet. What you do need to do is monitor the foods you eat. You do not have to stay away from things that taste good or meats and fats. It boils down to knowing what fats are good for you and what fats are bad. Processed foods and even some foods such as whole grain bread, muffins and salad dressings are actually very bad for the body because they are sugar so increasing insulin resulting in weight gain.

Another problem we have is that there are so many chemicals in processed foods. The chemicals in processed foods make it very hard for you liver to do its job. When your liver is working extra hard to process all of the chemicals it can not store the good fats your body needs as easily. The liver’s job is to filter your blood and break down fat. If you think about it, your liver has one of the most important jobs in your body and it is in our best interest to take very good care of it. So why do we treat it so badly? Obviously none of us is perfect and we are not going to always treat our body the way we should but for the most part, we should be aware of what we are putting into it.

Believe me I am just as guilty as you are when it comes to liking the way certain foods taste especially fried ones but I have not noticed for example that after eating lets say hamburger and fries from McDonald’s I start to feel really sluggish and tired kind of bloated, just greasy and fat. I have come to the conclusion that I feel that way because there are so many chemicals in those processed foods. It taste good but what my body feels like afterwards is not that great. After eating a meal such as grilled salmon with vegetables and maybe some rice, I feel just fine. Those foods do not contain the chemicals that fried foods and processed foods do.

We should keep in mind that there are all kinds of things that taste great and are very good for the liver and even the rest of our body. The good foods you can eat to maintain a healthy body is certain rice’s, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables. They all contain good fiber, minerals and nutrients that help to burn fat. Real butter is good for the body, whole eggs, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and nuts are also nutrients that the body can benefit from.

When it comes to meats choosing organic meats are always the best but it is not always ones reality to have access to purely organic meat products. In comparison to non-organic meats there is less hormones and chemicals in organic. Steak, fish, and chicken are all great sources of protein and good meats for the body but we should always keep in mind that how these foods are prepared does play a factor in the nutritional value. Grilled and baked are the most healthy but if you are from the South like me there is a lot of frying that takes place. A healthy alternative to corn oil or canola is olive oil if you do prefer frying over baked or grilled. It takes less of it to cook with and the taste is way lighter and better.

Maybe now that we have found some foods that can help the body stay going through the day without those sudden energy crashes carbs can do you can start the road to burning the fat you do not need and use the fats we do need efficiently. The last and most important thing we must always remember as we go through our journey of good health is that we all need exercise and a positive attitude. The body and mind do work together and with a positive attitude, exercise, and good food your road to feeling great and a healthy, fit, body will not belong.

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Featured Image: Sale Coach Connie
Source by Codi Culwell