Have you ever thought about the power of having a specially created space that makes fitness and leisure a pleasure?

Psychologically it is very important. Any public space needs to be inviting, interesting, exciting, safe, and fit for purpose. With the ever-increasing choices available to your clients, it is natural their demands and aspirations will need to be fulfilled by any successful business. Just as many people buy cars and houses to suit their personality and taste this area lends itself to much debate.

Things that should be considered are the: –

· Color of the walls
· The layout of the equipment in the workout area
· The reception area shape
· Lounge and refreshments area
· The ability to be flexible should you want to change things about …
· How inviting are your changing rooms?
· Other services or products you could offer to further enhance the experience for your clients
· Readily available fitness and dietary advice

All the above comes into play when you are thinking about building and designing a gym and toying with gym design. This area of expertise is vastly underestimated by architects, how many have either reviewed or have the knowledge to advise you as their client what is required in this ever-changing market? Not all but most tend to not really think about the element of care that goes with the gym build for the people that are going to use it. Also if you want to make a change, you may find it a lot more difficult than you thought.

Sometimes this is not the case for a traditionally designed gym or health club building as even though the architect has free reign, let’s face it or she is not going to work there, so we are back to the internal fight of architect vision versus usability.

If you are going to have a new leisure structure built or refurbished then you need to think about the above-mentioned points and maybe consider a design and build approach that allows you to express your personality with functionality.

When this is thought about and prepared correctly then this will enhance every element of the gym design and you will have the leisure facility you have always dreamed about. There are options out there, you just have to go and research them and the internet is a good place to start.

In conclusion, make sure you make the correct choices when you are in the market for either building or designing a gym as the last thing you need is a costly bill and the finished project which was not what you designed to build.

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Source by Jamie Juice