Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.

Mother Teresa

It’s summertime now, and the school is over. Our children do not have to get up early. Well, who wants to ?! But anyway, time flies, and it’s a high time for breakfast. How to feed your child? How to give him or her that “fruit” which is called love?

Many parents nowdays are very busy, and they do not have time to cook, forgetting that a healthy food much more important and nutritious than a quick snack made in a rough-and-ready fashion. Of course snacks are good, but think for a while about the place of a human being in nature. Lions, elephants, leopards – almost all the animals of the world – are strong and fast. Why are they? The answer is really simple. Someone told that we are what we eat. Wild animals eat what the nature gives them. Fruit, vegetables, meat – these are things that help them survive, and not only survive – they derive their strength from the food.

Do you want your child to be as strong as wild animals? If you do not, then ask your child if he or she wants to. The answer will be positive, and there is no doubt. Here is a piece of advice for you – tell your child that he will be as strong as lion (tiger, leopard, …) only when he eats what a caring parent gives him. What is that? What should you give your child for food to make him strong and healthy? Doctors say there is no better food than that one nature gives us. Your child needs fresh fruit and vegetables. He or she needs your love. When a child goes outside to play, your love and care must be with them as well. Summertime snacks are good to show it.

Sometimes children do not understand that their parents try to give them the best they have. And they choose what to eat. Actually, they tell their parents that they will not eat fruit, because they do not want to! And they demand a snack or a peanut butter. Here we have to stop for a moment and think … think of what is good and what is not and realize the real needs of a child. And also one more thing that must be considered is whether picky eating leads to good results or not. Recent researchers showed that it is not. Doctors say that picky eating may lead to a pediatric disorder.

Children are our future, and if we do not care for our children, then we do not care for our future. Help your future generation grow, and grow being strong, healthy and wise in their choices – you are to show a good example, and you are the only ones to be their role models.

Source by Alex Malinovsky