Most of the kids have poor eating habits which are a worrying factor for most mothers. It is very difficult to find the favourite food for the kids because they keep changing with time. Every kid has got different tastes in food, but one can find a common item which most of the kids like. One such item is dessert. Apart from that, one can find their kid’s favourite food by doing some trials, research, and of course by talking to them. If you have a big family with lots of members, you will be having a difficult time to prepare dishes according to match everyone’s taste. Once you have identified those interests, you can prepare meals which everyone in your family can enjoy.

By preparing a variety of meals in a week and find out which all dishes your child has got interested. This can be made possible by observing the intake of your kid and recording it. Always takes your kid with you to a food market for purchasing groceries. Ask them what all items they like and buy those items. Remember to choose items with nutritional value since most of the time kids are more inclined to junk food. One can not find the likings of kids if there are too small to express by words.

Then they should keep different items in from the kid and observe which one he/she chooses. Most of these time kids will be attracted towards colours of food. Once they taste the food, we will come to know whenever they liked it or not. Before preparing the meal itself you should ask your little ones about their choice. You can tell them to choose between items like bread/pasta or chicken/egg. You can also ask them to name a vegetable of their choice and prepare a side dish out of it.

Most of the parents are worried about the picky eating habits of their kids. They will have food in small quantities and that too only a few favourite foods. Most of the upset parents have the tendency to feed the kids by using force and punishment which will result in their strong dislike towards food. There is no point in getting frustrated while dealing with such kids. The only way is to make their mealtime more enjoyable. You can add the items which they like while preparing a meal though they belong to the ‘junk’ category. But the quantity should be limited but at the same time, kids will get the feeling that the one they were longing for.

As a parent, you should never categorize a food item as bad or hidden in front of your kid. Once the kids find anything forbidden or restricted they will be attracted more to it. This is a basic child psychology. The kids will wait for an opportunity to have them in the absence of you may be from outside. Another way to find out your child’s favourite food is taking him/her to a good restaurant. Hand over the kid’s menu to your child and let her chose the favourite and order for it. Most of the standard restaurants follow the health standards while preparing kids menu. You can prepare the food which your child opted for, at home with the recipe.

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Source by Victor Epand