Many teens would love to pack on some extra muscle and gain healthy weight, particularly if they are naturally skinny or a slim build and so they are always on the lookout for some solid usable fitness tips for teens.

It’s that time in your life when you notice the opposite sex and want them to notice you … so a great body looks like almost a sure-fire approach, right? Or maybe you want to get bigger and more muscular to be competitive on the sports field … more muscle mass can bring the reality of that scholarship ever closer.

Whatever your reasons, fitness tips for teens are always in demand, but somewhat thin on the ground. What’s worse is that some folks will even tell you not to try too hard now … you’re still young after all … there’s plenty of time, blah blah blah! While sometimes good advice that is not helpful for the here and now.

Below I’m going to show you my top 3 fitness tips for teens, that will help you to stay on the right track and get some real results, helping you to lay a strong foundation to explode into your twenties and beyond.

Form and Technique

Practicing great form and technique in your exercises, be they weight training or body weight exercises, is absolutely critical for muscle gains and to avoid injury particularly at this stage in your development.

Neglecting form and technique will only serve to stunt your muscle growth and give you some nasty injuries that can stay with you for many years.

Make sure you watch videos and get some serious instruction before starting any new exercise. Get a trainer at your local gym to spot you and check that you are doing it right.

You may need to start on lower weights to begin with but after a while, you’ll “get it” and can then be sure in steadily increasing the weight. Do not risk it all just for the sake of looking cool in the gym.

All-Body Workouts

Fitness tips for teens should all be about balance. Since your body is still developing and will continue to develop until your mid-twenties, the key is to get all your muscles involved in your workouts and not just focus on the chest or biceps.

Teens should look to perform 3 all-body workouts per week that work all the major muscle groups (with the remaining 4 days as rest). This will help you to not only recruit more muscle fibre per workout but enable you to develop a great overall physique that will be the envy of all your friends.

This approach complements your body’s natural growth patterns without overstressing your system … and by the time you reach your twenties there will be a noticeable difference in the physiques of those who worked out as teenagers and those who did not.

Diet Is Crucial For Teens To Gain Muscle

While a lot of emphases is placed on exercise and weights, your daily diet is an often overlooked aspect of fitness tips for teens.

At the end of the day, muscle mass can only be increased by additional and sensible calorie intake in the form of proteins and carbohydrates.

These should come from natural sources, as supplements are not advisable for teens.

Your daily diet should consist of around 25% proteins, 50% carbohydrates and 25% good fats. This will ensure constant supplies of energy reaching the muscles, and sufficient natural hormones helping them to grow.

Featured Image: Nutrition Advance
Source by John Wheeler