Anyone interested in building muscles or staying fit must understand that they need fitness tips especially if they are new to the whole weight training program. Experts warn that effective training programs should incorporate varied training doses – that is, training volume, frequency and or intensity. Always keep this in mind: confusion is the only obstacle on the road to good physical fitness, because the best tips on the face of the planet will not work if you do not act on them accordingly. The best thing you can possibly do is to make sure you do not overexert yourself while implementing these tips. Always remember that you are not a machine, the formula is fitness tips plus your efforts will be equal to body fitness.

You can use the following fitness tips:

1) Maintaining Muscular Balance
When you are designing a program to suit you, select several exercises and sets for opposing muscle groups, why? Because some joints are more likely to be sentenced to injury or altered post when much training volume is performed on just one movement and not the opposition movement.

2) The ROM Criteria
You should consider setting up a Range Of Motion (ROM) criteria on exercises that are known to have peak tension curve, for example, calf exercises, the cracks, hip abduction and so on (this is a valuable weight training tip). When you are doing your warm up set, make sure you take note of the position of the apparatus at full range, and all the succeeding workout repetition should consistently reach the benchmark. Do this without accelerating the weight through this harder part of the exercise.

3) Symmetry
When you are performing a unilateral exercise, make sure you begin with the weaker side first, then you can complete as many repetitions on the stronger side.

4) Monitor Muscle Gains
Always make sure you monitor muscle mass gains each month, because if you do not observe muscle gains over time you can make daily changes and exercises in a timely manner.

5) Starting Again After a Layoff
This is a good fitness tip. Before you start again after a long layoff, experts advise that you perform only a light set during your first workout. You can start performing a warm up and a moderately intense workout set during a subsequent workout. It will certainly take a longer time to recuperate between workouts if you become too sore from performing several sets and exercises. Your body is not a machine, it will take some time for your body to adapt with less chance of injury if your initial workout is quite brief, and the volume and intensity is gradually increased systematically.

You need to understand that these fitness tips will work effectively if you act upon them. You do not need to overexert yourself when trying to stay in shape. You can ask an instructor at your local gym to help you design a workout system that will be very suitable for you.

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Source by Matthew Iannotti