Exercise increases in importance as we get on in years. Find your best fit into a healthy lifestyle with the following tips.

Get your doctor’s approval. No matter how logical it may be for you to pick up on an exercise routine, make sure you get the go-ahead from your doctor first. Hidden heart or other problems could present you with issues that could seriously threaten you. Make sure he knows what you are going to embark on and approves of it for you personally.

Find an enjoyable routine. Do not force yourself into a boring or laborious program, as this will only discourage you from long-term participation. Keep yourself interested by selecting exercises and activities you will enjoy doing every day.

Pick your partner. Working out with a friend holds many benefits, among the most important, is exchanged motivation. Keeping each other committed will go a long way to the success of both of you. It is also great to exercise with a partner so that you can watch out for each other in terms of injuries or ailments.

Find your best workout time. The time of day you chose to exercise can have a major influence on the out of it. Some prefer mornings, others like working out toward the evening. Whatever you select, make sure it is the most suitable for you and then work your schedule around it.

Do not over exert yourself! Enthusiasm is near always a good thing, but not if it’s going to lead you to hurt yourself. If you feel like you are pushing your muscles or heart rate then slow down or stop. The whole point of this program is to improve your health, not to threaten it. Know your limits and avoid excluding them.

Follow short and permanent goals. You need immediate goals to work toward, such as maintaining your exercise schedule a certain number of days and eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet right away. Keep yourself motivated with good long-term goals as well, like being able to walk or run a mile in a designated amount of time or working your way up to how many laps in the pool. Goals will fuel your forward momentum.

Wear loose, safe clothing. Your priority when working out should always be safety and comfort. Working up a sweat in fancy apparel really does not make that much sense, no matter who you might be trying to impress. Keep your clothing appropriate to exercise and make sure nothing is hanging or loose to get snagged or possibly trip you up. Save showing off your fabulous self for after the work out session.

Drink plenty of water. More and more important as we age, and definitely more important when we exercise! Keeping your water intake high will really work well with your fitness program and is generally a great health insurance plan. Drink as much of it as you can, especially immediately following your routine.

Stay flexible and loose. Partake of regular stretching, even outside of your fitness regime. It is great to wake up and start easing away aches and pains with quiet and calculated stretches. Keeping yourself warm up and flexible will reduce the likelihood of injury and have you feeling much stronger on a regular basis.

Reward yourself. Once you have exceeded a few goals and are well into your new and healthy lifestyle, give yourself more than just a pat on the back for it! How about a new outfit, trip to your favorite getaway spot or some other self-indulgent still good for you splurge? You need to motivate yourself and emphasize all the good that you are doing. Find new and exciting ways to congratulate yourself on your amazing accomplishes.

As senior citizens, we need every advantage we can get. Exercise is one major way to contribute to our overall health and well-being and can go a long, long way towards a higher quality of living.

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