Being physically fit is a goal that we want – or that we should want! Being fit helps us to live longer, have more energy and just live healthier. The secret to getting and staying fit is to find an exercise that you enjoy. For many people – it’s working out in a pool. Exercising in a pool especially helps those that have joint problems. The water helps with the impact on your muscles and joints. If you do not think that there is an indoor pool in your area – check around. There may be one that’s open to the public at a Community College, etc.

Here are three ways that you can get fit by having fun and going to the pool.

1. One of the best exercises that you can do is simply swimming. It burns a lot of calories – and most everyone likes to go for a swim. If you do decide that you want swim as an exercise choice – make sure that you find a pool that has a special area for those swimming laps. And, many pools have specific times set up for adults only. Trying to swim for fitness while trying to dodge those playing can drive you a little crazy!

2. Water aerobics is a super way to use the pool to stay fit. Many local YMCA’s or fitness centers have instructors. Many places have different levels of difficulty. Make sure that you start out in the beginner’s class – especially if you are just starting to work on your fitness. Do not try to do too much too soon. Water aerobics is a fun way to exercise and get in shape. Do not worry if you find it hard at first – it’s a good workout!

3. Walking / Running in the pool is something that many do to stay in shape – while others do it while they are recovering from an injury. Many think that running and walking in a pool is better than doing it outside on the roads. You do not have the impact on your knees / joints in the pool that you have otherwise. Also, the water adds resistance that will make you work harder and get a great workout.

Remember the pool does not have to just be for summer and vacation fun. If you’ve been wanting to get back to exercising – head to the pool! It’s a great way to get in shape, stay in shape and have fun doing it.

Source by Judy Mick